YouTube SEO

Boost your video search traffic by optimising your youTube content to perform better for your target keywords.


What is YouTube SEO?

Video is a platform which continues to see exponential growth. YouTube is now recognised as the second largest search engine in the world - but many don't treat it as such and are missing out on increased visibility and brand awareness. YouTube SEO can help to optimise your video content to introduce your business to a new audience.


Why YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is opening SEO up to a new audience of users - many businesses have a stream of video content available on YouTube but it is not well-optimised to perform when users conduct that valuable search. At Loud Mouth Media we provide YouTube SEO with a traditional SEO focus to ensure you appear in front of users at the right time.


Blog posts containing a video have a 53x higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

What our clients say about us

Conversion rates, impressions, and ROI have increased markedly across the board thanks to Loud Mouth Media’s strategies

Client from the travel industry

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